Admissions for Year R-Year 2

At King’s Oak Academy our annual Published Admission Number (PAN) is 60.

We follow the Norfolk County Council (NCC) procedure for admissions and you can find more information by following the link to the admission page.

If you are successful to secure a place at our school you will be required to fill in our school admission form in addition to information suppiled directly to NCC. You can download the form from the box at the bottom of this page.

Norfolk County Council admission page 

If you wish to apply for a school place within the school term you must use the in year transfer form which is issued by Norfolk County Council.

Please click to follow the link: 

In Year Application form and procedure:

King’s Oak Nursery Class admission

We can offer 15 hours free nursery education for all children from the term after their 3rd birthday and 30 hours for parents who meet the governmnet criteria. You apply directly to the school via the school office. Details about eligibity for 30 hours free nursery education can be found on the governmnet website via the link below:-