Extra Curricular

Breakfast Club

We offer breakfast club and early morning sports activities on a daily basis. Breakfast club opens at 7.45am to 8.45am and costs just £2.00 per session. Sessions can be booked and paid for in advance either as a regular arrangement or on an adhoc basis. Payment must be made to the front office which is open from 8.40am-3.10pm. BACS payment is also available.

At King’s Oak Academy we provide a wide range of after school clubs to suit all from Year Reception to Year 2. Here is an example of some of the clubs which are currently on offer. The number and type do alter on a termly basis due to staff availability and outside events which we are participating in.

In addition to the school run clubs we work with Norwich Sports Community Club and Premier Sports for additional activities which run termly after school.

A letter with the club offer is sent out half termly.

Cooking Club: Mrs Jimson/Mrs Rice
Gymnastics Club: Miss Fusco / Premier Sports
Art Club: Miss Stratton
Craft Club: Mrs Sayers
Dance club: Miss Fusco
Soft Tennis: Mrs Sayers
Gardening/Wildlife: Mrs Holliday