Children should be free from harm and danger. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they are. Safeguarding means protecting children from harm and acting on concerns for a child’s safety and wellbeing. This includes physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect.

The Children Act 1989 requires everyone working with children to inform Children’s Services about any child thought to be in need of support or at risk of harm. The Education Act 2002 requires all schools to have arrangements to safeguard children. The school has procedures in place to do this and a policy that all staff, volunteers and regular visitors must work to.

There are three members of staff whose role it is to be responsible for all aspects of safeguarding in our school. We also have a named governor for safeguarding. Our DSLs are Mrs De’Ath, Miss Kerr, Mrs Bunting and Mrs Farthing. 

We have a dedicated PSA who works full time to support our children and their families. Mrs Amy Bunting is able to support in many areas such as money management, housing, behaviour, sleep, benefits and so much more! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you or your family need help in anyway. Just call the school office and ask to speak to Amy.

What happens if we have concerns for your child?

If the school has a concern that your child is or may be suffering harm within or outside the school we will act according to our statutory duty under the Education and Children Acts to protect your child. All staff have  a duty to refer cases if they have a safeguarding concern.

We will discuss the referral with you and also let you know it has been made, unless to do so it is considered that it could put your child at more risk by informing you. It is always better for your child if we can work together.

Operation Encompass

Operation Encompass is jointly run by Norfolk Police, Norfolk Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub and Norfolk County Council. It is the early notification to education settings that police have been called to a domestic incident and the children were present or witness.

If the police have attended a domestic incident the Norfolk MASH team will call us by 9.30am to inform us. This enables school staff to support the child/ren better at school such as giving breakfast, extra TLC, a comfort toy or whatever it is they may need.

See the letter to parents below for even more information.