Science is taught following the aims and content of the National Curriculum. Where possible, science is taught through the use of topic based work. Children are provided with first-hand experiences and opportunities to work scientifically in order to develop their understanding.

The foundation stage fosters a hands-on curiosity for exploration of the world. This feeds into the children’s investigation skills used in key stage 1.  Children are encouraged to develop their scientific skills through careful observations, investigations, experimenting, measuring, comparing and questioning. Children are provided with a range of opportunities where they are encouraged to make predictions, carry out fair tests, use scientific vocabulary, and technology. Scientific equipment is also used to consider how the children’s actions affect their environment and supporting their investigations.

Through these experiences children are able to talk about their learning and what they have found out. Through the teaching of science children are encourgaged to take responsibily in the care and respect of their surroundings and all living things.


Science Kids